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Friday, January 1, 2010

Drop in Air Filter Brand Comparative

Redline Drop in Filter Comparative Brand Uxx/SiMxTx/WorkEngxxx VS Air Flow Element

We micro and compare the Brand Uxx/SiMxTx/WorkEngxxx With Redline Drop in Filter

This is Micro of Uxx/SiMxTx/WorkEngxxx filter Element
Brand Uxx Unbalance Glue
VS Redline Micro Element filter Below,Double Layer Fabric Cotton
Used Redline Drop in Air Filter
Used WorkEngxxx Drop in filter

Brand Uxx/SiMxTx/WorkEngxxx showed Unbalance filter element/Glue and thickness surface,with near by paper type quality cotton,It caused lower airflow and more petrol wasted

Redline Drop in Filter showed even micro airflow element,In the case redline air filter able to provide more Highest&accurate airflow,Compare with brand Uxx/SiMxT/WorkEngxxx,
Redline Fabric Cotton,highest advantage on airflow suction,Other then that with double layer Fabric Cotton it enhanced filtration of dirt.

In term of review brand Uxx/SiMxTx/WorkEngxxx has been find out few con below:
  • Unbalance Element
  • Unbalance Glue
  • Lass of QC
  • Lowest air flow

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